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51FEVER Designs
Painting Credits

Previously completed oil paintings

NAA P-51D formation,"Nooky Booky IV-Missouri Armada..."Kit Carson and John England
NAA P-51B"Shang ri La...N51PR...Pete Regina
NAA P-51D"The Healer...Skip Holm and Joe Kasparoff
NAA P-51D" Iron Ass"
NAA P-51D" CF-USA"...Don Plumb
NAA P-51D" 44-14214"
NAA P-51D"Daydreamer"...John Marlin
NAA P-51D"Petie 2nd"...Lt.Col John C. Meyer
NAA P-51D"Pittsburgh Smoker"...Al Zimmerman
NAA P-51D"Lou IV"...Col.Christian
NAA P-51D"Easy Two Sugar"...Urban Drew
NAA P-51D"American Beauty"...Capt.John Voll
NAA P-51D"The Flying Dutchman"Lt.R.Goebel
NAA P-51D"Moonbeam McSwine"...Capt W. Whisner
NAA P-51D "Cripes a Mighty"...Maj. G. Preddy
NAA P-51B "The Wesy by gawd Virginian" Robert "Punchy" Powell
NAA FJ-4 Fury
NAA F-86 "Beautious Butch"...Capt. J. Mcconnel
Republic P-47 " Boise Bee"...Capt. Duane Beeson 
Hawker Siddley AV-8B Harrier
Grumman F-14A Tomcat at Sunset
Grumman F-14A Tomcats ( 4 ship flight )
General Dynamics F-16C Fighting Falcon
Boeing B-17E 41-2454-Lt. Skiles
L-19 Birddog...Jimmie New