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Painting Credits
51FEVER Designs

P-51 credits

"Iron Ass", 4th Fighter group
"Shang ri La", 4th Fighter Group
"American Beauty", Capt. John Voll
"Glamorous Glen", Capt. Chuck Yeager
"Petie 2nd", Lt. Col. John C. Meyers
"Double Trouble"
"Pittsburgh Smoker" Lt. Al Zimmerman
"Cripes a Mighty, Maj. George Preddy
XP-51G, 34-343335
312102 "Daydreamer", John Marlin
"Nooky Booky IV, Maj. Leonard "Kit" Carson
"The Healer" over Reno

Additional Credits

North American FJ-5 Fury
P-47 Yhunderbolt "Boise Bee", Duane Beeson
AV-8B Harrier
F-14A Tomcat at Sunset
F-14A Tomcat, 4 ship flight
F-16C Fighting Falcon
SNJ "War Dog, John Collver
F4F Wildcat over Henderson field
North American F-86, "Beautious Butch"
Boeing B-17E, 41-2454 over Java, Lt.Skiles
North American B-25J Mitchell